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Fast, Mobile-First Web Sites are like art only way faster.

This website design company makes websites that are fast for users, uses high-caliber small business website design to rank on Google & are Keyword and SEO-juiced!

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Is Your Small Business Website Design Strong? Better Amp up that Website with a modern web design agency.

This website design company makes your small business website design rock! We also make it screaming fast. Searching for a website developer near me? You've found them! Our website design services will have your site jacked. Walk With Mutants© on this one!

MUTANT GENE MEDIA’s website design company builds you an SEO-charged, ultra-fast, well-structured website. One equipped with intent-based keywords, schema, geo-tags & more. Our website design services are aligned with Google’s requirements.

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A Web Design Agency & Local SEO Company

Websites that are both powerful & beautiful.

Need a website developer near me? This web design agency can make it happen! Check out some samples below.

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HVAC Websites

Reliable, Fast and Beautiful

Website design company-built with HVAC-based, intent-based keywords. Locally targeted design based on service area information provided by client. SEO structure & HVAC-based landing pages fueled organically or by Ads.

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Electrician Websites

Clean coding and bug free

Built with electrical services-based, intent-based keywords. Locally targeted design based on service area information provided by client. SEO structure & electrical services-based landing pages fueled organically or though paid Ads.

content marketing agency home improvement contractor web design by mutant gene media new england seo and digital marketing services MA ME RI VT NH CT

Contractor Websites

iOS and Android Compatible

website design services for contractors, intent-based keywords. Locally targeted design based on service area information provided by client. SEO structure & contractor services-based landing pages fueled organically.

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Legal Services Websites

Mobile Responsive & Ultra Fast

Built with legal services-based, intent-based keywords. Locally targeted design based on service area information provided by client. SEO structure & legal services-based landing pages fueled organically or though paid Ads.

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ECommerce Websites

Expandable frame-work let's you grow.

Built with ecommerce services-based, intent-based keywords. Locally targeted design based on service area information provided by client. SEO structure & ecommerce services-based landing pages fueled organically or Ads.

local seo agency mobile responsive website design by mutant gene media new england seo and digital marketing services NH VT ME MA RI new england wide and beyond

Corporate Websites

Modern Framework. Less Coding.

Built with corporate services-based, intent-based keywords. Locally targeted design based on service area information provided by client. SEO structure & corporate services-based landing pages fueled organically or though paid Ads.


Strong, Efficient & Robust Website Hosting Included

Hosting your website with a good hosting provider matters just as much as the SEO & Digital Marketing you put into it.


Mutant Gene Media partners with multiple high-quality, high-bandwith hosting providers.

Our servers experience faster loading times, less downtime & better security.  We experience a high level of customer service quality & response time. It’s vital that server performance have a positive effect on your SEO work. In our case, SEO has never been negatively affected by server performance.

  • Powerful, Reliable Servers
  • Faster Load Times
  • Less Server Downtime
  • Regular Backups Created
  • Intuitive, powerful user interface

If you’ve searched the web using any of these search terms: Website Design Company, Website Design Services, Website Developer Near Me, web design agency or small business website design, you’ve come to the right place. 

A website is almost your business’s modern day persona online. You touch the world of the web through your website & website posts, your optimized GMB and GMB posts, Your social media accounts, posts, tweets etc., while reading, learning, watching and interacting with what interests you and your customers.

What’s interesting about establishing and managing an online presence, is that all of that data, begins to influence and inform your decisions about your businesses online presence, your day to day activities online and the way you communicate online. 

As you gain experience, your efforts will become more effective. You will develop a symbiotic relationship with the web. Your efforts will become intuitive. You will however need one of the best website design companies to get it done. You’ll want to Walk With Mutants on this one. 

For now, the idea is to create a smart website created to exacting specifications based on your business’s actual needs. What kind of website will outperform the competition? Now’s the time to research, gather data and then use it to create your best weapon against online enemies. What kind website structure does the competition have? What content is Google rewarding with rankings. 

You wouldn’t take off for a road trip without your GPS loaded up right? Then why would you start building a website without research and similar GPS? You wouldn’t. 

You want to create a website that not only has all of the components that Google requires, but is created to reflect the actual weapon you need to fight this online war.

Mutant Gene Media is that “website design company near me” that you searched for. 

Read more inside of our website. Mutant Gene Serves all of Greater New England and New York. We service states like: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine & New York. 


Website developer near me? Yes. There is.


Security & Redundancy Provided With Each Website.

We use WORDFENCE WordPress Security exclusively on all of our websites.


Security & Redundancy are vital to the sustainability of your website.

Protect your customers & protect your assets by ensuring you have regular back-ups of your website with regular on the clock cloning. We use WORDFENCE. Prevent damage to sensitive information by using major payment providers such as Paypal or Stripe. Let the Mutants at Mutant Gene Media handle all of it for you.

  • Powerful security protocols & firewalls
  • Protected From Automated Server Attacks
  • Protected From Brute Force Attacks
  • Protected From Website Malware Attacks
  • Location-based blocking U.S. only websites

This Local SEO Agency doesn’t mess around when it comes to website security protocols. We use Wordfence Security© for WordPress for all of our website security needs. Every website design this agency takes on that moves forward in our production process is equipped with the premium version of Wordfence. At no additional charge. It’s already included in our packages.

Wordfence Security is responsible for security for 25% of the world’s websites. Why would you use website design services that didn’t meet up to that standard?

For many local services companies; let’s say a plumber, electrician or contractor for example, or even a local attorney. Let’s say you provide services to 3 cities, locally. Why would you need website visitors who are from foreign IP addresses? You wouldn’t. 

When this website design company creates a website that provides just local services, we block all international IP addresses from the website. We don’t allow any foreign sites to access your website.  This is standard operating procedure when it comes to ensuring our customer’s websites are protected against intrusion.

Did you know your website gets attacked every single day, numerous times per day? Yes, despite our exceptional website design services. Despite anyone’s website design services, millions of websites are being attacked every single day by hackers, threats from malicious files being distributed like trip-wire throughout the web. Eventually, you’ll hit one of those trip mines. 

So in addition to ensuring you have a uber-strong firewall and never-ending website security from brute-force attacks and other kinds of hard-core attacks, you want to ensure redundancy to protect your custom website design.

Mutant Gene Media keeps your website design safe providing an additional layer of security. Multiple copies you can load up if anything gets pass the layers of existing security. No matter what kind of damage a hacker does to a website, it helps knowing you can load up a back up copy within minutes. 

It’s standard operating procedure to create multiple copies of your website to have on-file ready to load up. Whenever you create an update or make changes to your website, you save a new copy (clone) of your website. If anything crazy happens to your website, you load up one of your copies and keep it rolling.  


local seo services Mutant Gene Media a digital marketing agency in massachusetts new england

Web Design Agency & A La Carte SEO starting at $395 per month*


The SEO Force is Strong in this one.

That's right. Strong like Mutant. And Mutants create powerful, authority websites!

Local SEO Company Serving New England MA RI NH VT CT RI

Use the force of SEO such as targeted geo-keywords & intent-based keywords! Give your site more. Fulfill your destiny!

A website without SEO is just not going to cut it anymore in 2021. More and more business are finally getting online. You’re going to need to press all of Google’s buttons to really make an impact in today’s web.

  • Powerful on & off-page optimization process
  • Starter Geo & Intent-based keywords
  • SEO Silo-based website structure
  • Schema Inject + Optimization
  • SEO Silo-structures

This Local SEO Agency doesn’t mess around  

Listen, when you’re searching for a “website developer near me” you want to ensure that you work with a website design agency who has significant SEO prowess, opening up the potential for benefits such as:

  • SEO fuels leads. Your business’s online properties that are fueled by SEO reach more people. They’re better prepared to respond to search queries, they give searchers everything their looking for. SEO-fueled platforms are fast, nimble, technically powerful and well-structured. All made possible by SEO.
  •   SEO done well can bring higher conversion and close rates! Well structured funnels, email campaigns, chat bots and autoresponders all work in conjunction with your website, GMB, social media and SEO provide an exceptionally dominant online presence.
  • You want the best website design services you can find that can use SEO to increase your brand reach, awareness & credibility. You want your website to show up as a search result for every search query it can about your type of business services & in your service area.
  • Brand awareness is positively affected by SEO. As you review the information on this website, you begin to see a pattern. Reach, awareness, conversions, leads, none of which are possible without SEO & digital marketing. In the digital age, this is what it’s all about. Traditional marketing is being phased out at every turn. 
  • SEO should be part of your long term strategy to ensure you reach as high a market share as possible in your local services or regional services area. First you create & optimize all of your online properties. Then you create the funnels you need to attract new customers. You structure everything so that is becomes self-sustaining and evergreen. Then maintain all of the moving parts monthly. 
  • In combination with your content and social media platforms, this expanded reach will help increase your social media followers. As new visitors arrive to your website from your social media, you can retarget them wherever they go reminding them about your brand and your services. The content campaign that fuels this interaction with your customers is called a content strategy. Mutant Gene Media can help create one for you. 
  • When you first create your properties, it will take Google a bit to process all of this new information about your website & your properties. Because we do such a good job building and optimizing your properties, Google will start to look at your business differently. The #1 search engine in the world will take you more seriously and begin to look at you as an authority in your industry. That is the key to dominating in Google. You see it loves brands, major brands. It prefers them as it feels as though they produce the best value. We know how to recreate that for businesses.
  • As your properties mature, and as they continue to produce authoritative, consistent, valuable and interactive content throughout your local marketplace/services area(s), you’ll rank more highly. Because your content and web pages are structured properly and because you have a linked Google My Business listing, you’ll gain featured snippets on search results. You’ll get more search results space on a page and that’s a good thing. 
  • So yeah, SEO and Local SEO services & website design services provided by the best custom design & custom WordPress website design agency is key to getting the job done right from jump start.


  • Sales
  • Digital Sales

KPI Target Driven Reporting (Included)

This web design agency is filled with Data Geeks

We’ll use the detailed competition data we’ve collected, the analysis data from your digital properties, any other pertinent data, your input, and preferences to develop an initial profile and digital marketing / SEO strategy for your organization. That strategy will evolve as data is aggregated, collated, and analyzed.

Custom Analytics Reporting (Included)

Data is the vital life force that SEO & Digital Marketing feeds from. All our campaigns are data-rich and we use that data to make informed decisions about your campaigns. Some important data elements include:

  • Unique visitor conversions

  • Sources of incoming traffic such as: direct visitors, search visitors, referral visitors.

  • Value per visit

  • Interactions per visit (sessions/pages)

  • Bounce Rate

  • Lead Generation Costs etc..

This Local SEO Agency & Website Design Agency doesn’t mess around  

When it comes to your digital properties, data is GOLD. It’s everything. Because it will help shape and inform future campaigns. As much fun as it is to walk in the dark aimlessly, things become much easier as soon as someone turns on a flashlight.

And even better still if we have a GPS that tells us where we’re going. That’s what data is when it comes to SEO. It becomes a GPS that tells us what is working and what isn’t. It’s a light that shows us new opportunities for greater optimization & control.

Mutant Gene Media, as New England’s Premiere Local SEO Company, Website Design Agency, GMB Agency & Social Media Marketing Agency knows this process all too well. When we provide monthly client reporting we include data like:

  • Website Traffic data & other platform traffic data. We’ll collate data from analytics platforms such as Google & Bing via Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEM Rush etc. We’ll provide statistical information such as # of unique visitors, bounce rates, page session, where they came from (social, landing pages, Google search, paid ads etc.). 
  •  Engagement & Conversion rates data. Are people staying on your site when they click on it or are they leaving abruptly indicating that it wasn’t what Google thought it was or wasn’t as good as Google thought it was when it allowed it space on the search results? That stuff matters and it totally affects your conversion rates as well. We track this data so that we can analyze it and use it to better your results. 
  • Some of the other data we collect, analyze and use to improve your website’s performance:
    • landing page effectiveness
    • search visibility
    • rankings
    • keywords existing & new
    • metrics behind your internal, external & backlinks
    • trends in your data that is actionable
    • & much more. 


  • Bounce Rate
  • Direct Visitors
  • From Social Media
  • Search Visitors
  • Interactions Per Visit
  • Cost Per Acquisition
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