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Straight Answer. Yes! And this social media agency can help! There are 3.6 billion users across all social platforms.

Use our Social Media Agency to create your lead generation machine. The social signals produced through this social media agency will have an impact on your rankings in Google.

By way of our work for you many of your social platforms will rise in rankings as well. Once your platforms mature they will saturate search results of your brand. This is part of "Brand Management."

local seo services Mutant Gene Media a digital marketing agency in massachusetts new england

An SEO & Social Media Marketing Agency

Social Media marketing services can create a big lead generation portal.

Your digital strategy isn't a real strategy without social media. Social is like air to your company.


Brand Awareness is about to explode with this social media marketing agency. Reach will increase along with your brand's reputation. And if you're particularly active, you can humanize and popularize your brand as your area's industry thought leader.

Yes, creating sales funnels on social is a ton of work, but you'll stay top of mind, be the boss of your story online and generate qualified leads. Social Media is consistency & effort / big return in terms of ROI

  • Use our social media agency to run it all.
  • Master all the main social media platforms.
  • Consider becoming a thought leader.
  • Build out your social accounts.
  • Develop a Content Calendar
  • Leverage retargeting to get more leads.

A Local SEO Agency & Social Media Agency like Mutant Gene Media© knows that there are all kinds of social media platforms out there on the world wide web. When you mention social media, most people think of a handful of large tech companies like: You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok. But there are hundreds of others and they span the different types of social platforms out there. Let’s review a few of the different platform types that are social media let’s cover those first:

  • Business-focused platforms for social: LinkedIn & Twitter. These platforms connect professionals and B2B. You can recruit, build the B2B pipeline of contacts. Use Industry hashtags
  • Livestream Opportunities: Facebook Live, TikTok, You Tube, Twitch, Instagram. You can broadcast live to your peeps! Individuals or groups of people can connect simultaneously. Livestreaming has become a way of life to millions. Start thinking outside the box about ways that your company can leverage livestreaming. You have to get over your initial avoidance factor. If it’s going to be good for your business overall, better start figuring out how you can use it. 
  • Storefront social media is killing it right now! If you’re a local services provider, storefront social may not be a direct focus currently. If you’re selling a product, hold on tight! Social apps like Pinterest Products, Facebook Shops, Instagram Shops, Shopify TikTok. Those platforms are mobile friendly from jump-street, come with retargeting availability. They can integrate with related popular apps as well. 
  • The Ever-popular VIDEO: The king of the streets in our opinion. Video. Video social media platforms that we know and love include Instagram Stories, TikTok, You Tube, Facebook.
  • Videos are among the most important pieces of content you can make. It’s also the most opportunity you will have to repurpose content into numerous other pieces of content from that content. Research how to create video content people will love you for!
  • Question and answer forums like Quora & Reddit-based interest groups are very popular. Reddit is real protective of its environment so you’ll want to avoid any blatant marketing in your answers. Paid opportunities are not frowned upon but don’t go inserting random links into comment fields. Go in there and plan on really being helpful with whatever category you go into that’s industry-related or related in some way. 
  • Social Book marking sites: Twitter, Pinterest, Dribble, StumbleUpon, Pocket, Digg, Reddit, Slashdot. These types of social media sites allow users to share web pages & articles, images, videos etc. These are great for sharing content, gaining diverse backlink types to your site. It’s also giving Google some signals about your contents popularity. All knowledgeable social media marketing agencies applaud these kinds of diverse, trustworthy, active, relevant links. 

Read more inside of our website. Mutant Gene Serves all of Greater New England and New York. We service states like: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine & New York. 


We create lead machines for businesses.


Social marketing is an integral part of your sales funnel.

Social networks are evolving and becoming more important to sales & ecommerce.


Using our Social Media Agency is a powerhouse way of distributing content throughout the web. Content is the gas that powers social! A content strategy is vital to your company's success on social media.

Plan out as many opportunities as possible to go viral. As they say, luck favors the prepared. Walk with Mutants© on this one.

  • Over 400+ social media channel opportunities.
  • Content formats are countless, master them.
  • Social plays a role in Reputation Management.
  • Dictate your company’s narrative online.
  • Numerous live pipelines to your customers.
  • Get real about social. It’s how business is done.

What are some of the social media tools people are using in 2021?

  • Social Media Aggregator Tool: These tools allow you to gather post feeds from a bunch of social media sites and turn them all into content for a new feed. A lot of people use these types of feeds to fill social walls where all of their social media can be displayed. SEOs also leverage pages like these for SEO-related purposes.
  • These aggregator feeds can provide valuable embeds for your site as well. Think about it this way, you’re constantly posting so your social media feed is a living feed. You bring all of those feeds into one aggregator feed and you’ve created a lot of social signals hitting your website page on a regular basis.
  • Your site will gain a bunch of trusted links this way. And although there’s a lot of talk about them being devalued, we’ve yet to see this kind of activity have a negative impact on a website. 
  • Your website can have a widget that displays the aggregator feed on your website in a beautiful way. You can display the feed results on digital screens of any kind. You can display images on presentation apps and on PowerPoint with a plug-in.
  • Some smaller aggregator sites have been shut down since some of the more robust social media platforms changed the way their API works and doesn’t allow the data pull from aggregators.
  • Mutant Gene Media© as a social media agency really likes CURATOR it’s a very popular and robust social media aggregator. Although once you get to 5 connected platforms, it can be cost prohibitive for some.
  • But there are a plethora of ways to get around the monthly fees for aggregator sites and even NAP citations where companies like YEXT charge monthly for NAP citation management. However both NAP & aggregator work can be done by hand.
  • It will just take a few extra weeks. After that however, you have none of the monthly fees but you do have some strong results despite having to do a little work each month to manage your sites, feeds & connections. All very much worth it when you’re trying to keep your monthly costs for SEO in a controllable state.
  • Hootsuite is another curating software you can use. It can also get costly when you want to have a lot of connections and integrations. They’ve been a round a long time and have a fantastic reputation. You can schedule posts ahead of time, you can create custom url addresses for tracking and analysis. You can connect RSS. You can connect a mobile device.
  • Social Media We haven’t used it but it appears to do great with a handful of social networks. We won’t say much about it since we don’t know much. But check it out and decide for yourself if it’s a good platform to work with every day.
  • A content marketing calendar can boost your creative juices! Think outside of the outside box! What isn’t your competition using in their campaigns? What none of them are leveraging video? All of them too shy? Sounds like there’s room for an authoritative voice to take over the video streams in your industry?
  • As a social Media marketing firm, Mutant Gene Media© & the team need to identify areas of opportunity, new topics or improvements. A content calendar is obviously a management tool. It’s that GPS before the road trip. It’s the flashlight in a dark pantry. The calendar is going to help you rock.

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A social marketing calendar maps out your activity across all platforms.

Organize, Record & Manage your Content Post Schedule.

social media agency calendar for posting optimization is a must says mutant gene media seo and digital marketing agency based out of new england in the united states MA ME VT CT NH RI

A content strategy is wasted if content across your platforms isn't scheduled. Your content needs to be targeted towards a real purpose. Not spammed. Planning & execution is a winning formula.

Include publishing times in your calendar as optimal publishing times vary across social media platforms.

  • Determine your best Social Media channels.
  • Get a good mix of channels that improve SEO.
  • Plan your posts well in advance. Allow prep.
  • Be consistent. Do not delay and post regularly.
  • Watch trending topics. Content for trends.

Local Social Media Marketing Companies like Mutant Gene Media© use content marketing calendars to make the magic happen. This is the way to production line your processes. It has all kinds of strategic advantages like efficiency and time-savings. Let’s go over a few points about them.

This kind of system requires that you organize and prioritize your content. You’re going to publish it, distribute it, syndicate it and hopefully, link the heck out of it. Use it as supporting content. Use your posts to link back to your main website. There’s a bunch to unpack here but ultimately it behooves you to create a content calendar for your various content marketing projects or project.

What are some of the benefits of a content calendar? 

  1. Creating a content calendar saves you time and effort and streamlines your processes.
  2. You’ll be able to execute more properly, less mistakes, better delivery.
  3. Makes it easier for your to bring in other folks to help. You can assign something in the future and have time to review and edit. You want to do everything eh?
  4. Important: Prevents you from being stagnant with your posting. When was your last post 4 months ago? Well all that ends when you employ a content marketing calendar.
  5. Unofficially some folks say that you should include spurts of paid ads sprinkled throughout. There’s an unofficial theory out there that your rankings are rewarded when you actively buy ads. It also helps out your keyword planner dashboard with more clarity about search volumes. so buy ads regularly.
  6. Make sure your social media calendar includes what part of the buying process the content is targeting. Keep most of your posts informational, valuable, give, give, give. Ensure less than 20% of your content is selling something or promoting something. But first be sure to have given so much that the first time you ask for something from your audience you’re not embarrassed.
  7. After all you have given them so much information and value, that the law of reciprocation means that by the time you ask for something, they’ll be dying to do something for you after everything you have done for them. It’s human nature. So give, give, give. You really will reap the rewards ten-fold.
  8. Be sure to include what your destination channels are for your content. What distribution channels and what syndication channels & syndication process & tools you will use to get the job done. Even if you don’t use Mutant Gene Media’s social media marketing agency services, make sure that the PPC agency, Facebook agency or advertising agency you use has experience in social media marketing services.
  9. Some kind of experience in social media marketing services will be necessary to successfully create a robust content marketing calendar.
  10. You’ll want to consider a promotion strategy for specific pieces of content. It isn’t unusual for some companies to put a few dollars. Literally just a few dollars, behind a piece of content so that it has some initial engagement within its audience. Adding an initial boost of reach and awareness is not a bad thing at all. Especially if the piece of content or the series of content pieces has some virility.
  11. Paid ads should always be seen as a viable booster or activator. It can start adding numbers to your newest pieces really quickly giving them a sort of instant credibility. A lot of times when visitors see a new piece of content on the web such as a video, they’ll will look to see how many views it has as a measure of it’s viability, as a measure of if the video is any good when in fact it could have just been released.
  12. So boosting it’s immediate launch audience is a great overall strategy that really doesn’t cost a lot to effectuate. 

Read more inside of our website. Mutant Gene Serves all of Greater New England and New York. We service states like: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine & New York. 


local seo services Mutant Gene Media a digital marketing agency in massachusetts new england

An SEO & Digital Marketing Agency

SEO Packages & A La Carte SEO starting at $395 per month*

Your Social Marketing activity will generate major data for your company.

This data will help you make important decisions about your content, marketing & priorities.


Social Marketing analytics collects & tracks data about how people interact with your content, your channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

You can then make informed decisions and get better results from your social marketing. Data is everything in the digital age. Collect It. Analyze It. Use It.

  • For SEO Impact, you want 100+ channels.
  • NAP citations need to be 100+
  • That activity results in tons of usable data.
  • Social platforms provide “insights” data pages.
  • Use your social data with Google Analytics.
  • Create better marketing by leveraging all data.

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