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How Much Should You Pay For SEO in 2021?

For Local SEO Services, there are a bunch of variables to consider. Each client is at a different point in their digital journey. It's smart to consult a Local SEO Agency like Mutant Gene Media.

That’s why MUTANT GENE MEDIA provides package pricing & a la carte pricing. Here are some things to consider.:

  • The current state of your online presence?
  • A complete audit of all online assets & rankings.
  • How strong is current competition in your area?
  • Local SEO is less expensive than national.
  • Monthly subscription models are more viable.

A Local SEO Agency charges differently than a national SEO agency. Both are distinctly different. As one is working to get you dominant in local search results, including the 3-pack and maps-pack, while the other is looking to rank you for national terms. Terms that major companies like Walmart is targeting, for example. So the difference in price is palpable. National SEO companies tend to be more expensive in general.

According to one of the largest SEO companies in the world; WebFX, “in 2021, the average cost of SEO is $80 per hour to $30,000. based on project-based SEO. So yes, prices vary greatly. And that’s because what each company needs in order to succeed online is different. 

The competition one small business company faces versus another is different. There are an endless number of variables to consider. Those variables are what impact the overall cost behind your SEO project. Here at Mutant Gene Media© our pricing reflects a standard measure of work. You get X final products/services for X price. But of course variables effect our business as well. So we can customize pricing and packages to reflect the actual needs of the client. 

Our packages make it easy for potential consumers to analyze what they are getting compared to its overall costs. The cost in our case can be easily justified when compared to the ROI. The return on investment for SEO services and digital marketing services has to be higher than the overall costs to effectuate it. 

In fact, our pricing list & rates are about as detailed as they come. Most pricing columns you find leave out all of the details. We try to do the opposite & put in as many as we can showing our customers & potential customers what we’ll do for them. It’s a win win.  

Read more inside of our website. Mutant Gene Serves all of Greater New England and New York. We service states like: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine & New York. 


local seo services Mutant Gene Media a digital marketing agency in massachusetts new england

An SEO & Digital Marketing Agency

Full Web, SEO & Digital Audit

What's your current website, GMB, Social & SEO Situation? Let's take a deep dive in.


It all begins with an audit of your online platforms. And it's absolutely FREE if you're a customer.

Our audits are robust. Most audits are only "skinny" free SEO audits that don't look at Google My Business set-ups, Social Media & Websites+SEO. Since creation & optimization of all 4 is what we sell, that's what we audit.

Auditing & analyzing all elements of your online presence, helps formulate a prioritized battle plan to improve your online presence.

A Local SEO Agency that knows what they’re doing is going to want to perform an online properties audit before they begin doing anything. You don’t start a road trip without ensuring you’re fueled up, safe, have a road map  a.k.a. GPS waypoint set etc.

Any agency providing local SEO services will want to perform some sort of audit. Maybe it’s just a website audit. Maybe it’s a full blown audit of all your online properties (which we do). Either way, some analysis is going to be performed.

Here are some of the components of your online presence that we look at to get a sense of where you stand SEO-Wise:

  1. Crawl your website like Google does. We emulate Google’s crawl on your site to see what it sees.
    1. We scan your Titles, H1s, Metas, anchors, links and more. We’ll review your source code etc. Someone get the microscope and a hot pocket cause we’re going in. 
  2. We’ll quickly analyze & report on any errors that we find. We’ll also offer recommendations for improvements/optimizations.
  3. We’ll review and analyze your content & links. Depending on what we find, we may ask you to delete content that doesn’t help your website or its goals. We’ll suggest content alternatives better geared to help your site succeed in its goals. 
  4. We’ll look at the structured data in your website and if any of it has errors, we’ll identify them and suggest corrections that would benefit your site. We may suggest other changes as well. 
  5. Mutant Gene Media will analyze your incoming traffic stats & other stats to see what the data says. We’ll make suggestions for positive change based on that information & clue you into the trends. 
  6. This local SEO company will also take a look at your company’s competition. What are they doing that you can replicate with more thunderous effect? What gaps exist in their strategy that would allow us to capitalize and gain the lead in that area more quickly. Again if you don’t have a plan, you plan to fail. So competition analysis is a vital component of any SEO strategy.
  7.  Review your linking strategy at all levels; internal links, external links, backlinks coming into your website. Let’s review your backlink profile and get you some recommendations for appropriate action.


What's your competition doing? Do you know?

You'd better find out in detail if you hope to minimize marketing costs while maximizing results!

local seo agency competition analysis seo and digital marketing mutant gene media new england

Scope out the competition at an in-depth level. Also free for package customers.

Competition analysis not only informs you about what your competition is doing right. It also informs you about what they're doing wrong allowing you to capitalize on that information.

  • Determine who top 7 direct competitors are.
  • What level of engagement do they have?
  • Perform SWOT Analysis on direct competition.
  • How is their pricing? How are offers? Ads?
  • Perform technical audit of all properties.
  • Discover competitor’s technology stacks.

A Local SEO Agency like Mutant Gene Media knows that competition analysis is vital to your success in your SEO-targeted service area. Not performing competition analysis is like flying blind during a storm. It’s like going into a bees nest without protective clothing. It’s like.. well you get it. 

There are many tools SEOs use to perform competition analysis. Some people use a combination of tools to perform competition research. One of he first ones we’ll swear by is:

  1. Screaming Frog: Screaming Frog is a monster when it comes to performing a website audit. This frog crawls your website as if it were Google and tells you what Google would see after going through your website. We’re talking deep crawl here. Performing a screaming frog crawl on a competitors website will give you a great deal of useful data.
  2. Some of the useful data you’ll pull is what keywords they are targeting in their titles, H1s, H2s, Meta descriptions etc. You’ll be able to see how they use their keywords in their site content and in their post content. You can also review link structure & a lot more. No doubt you’ll love this screaming frog. Oh and the first 500 URLs is free so you can get real acquainted with the software. It rocks.
  3. SEM Rush is a killer tool for performing competition research. It can give you traffic statistics for a ton of competitors all at one (subscriber). It can show you organic search volumes and what keywords your competitors are ranking for. SEM Rush can show you what Ads they are running and what they are targeting in those ads. SEM Rush has a competitor profile monitoring tool they call “brand monitoring”. It’s also extremely helpful. Side note: However it’s a paid tool so if you need to keep things on the no-cost side, you can do a few queries during the free trial and by switching your IP addresses. You’ll get some data. Also remember screaming frog has 500 URLs free. 
  4. Some of the other things you can determine by performing competitive research:
    1. Website structure & SEO prowess for your competitor websites. Compare & contrast.
    2. The business reviews they have and customer feedback.
    3. you can see what it is they are doing on social media and what tactics their trying.
    4. you can see what content they have produced & also importantly, what content have they missed, or failed to produce that would do well?

There’s much more that companies such as our local SEO agency would do to ensure they are hitting the mark for your specific SEO needs.  Hit read less to view the other features of our SEO & digital marketing service packages.

Read more inside of our website. Mutant Gene Serves all of Greater New England and New York. We service states like: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine & New York. 


local seo services Mutant Gene Media a digital marketing agency in massachusetts new england

An SEO & Digital Marketing Agency



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