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This Google my business agency understands that Google My Business is a massive chunk of your ability to reach customers online. You won't be allowed access to the all-important 3-pack or Google Maps without it.

With MUTANT GENE MEDIA as your GMB agency you CAN create a DOMINANT online presence. A LEAD MACHINE, that generates qualified leads for your business. Walk with Mutants© on this one.

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Powerfully Optimized by this Mutant Google My Business Agency

What is Google My Business & Why Do I need It?

Simply Put, it is the most powerful business listing online in the world. There are hundreds upon hundreds of business listings that you should be signed up on for a multitude of SEO reasons, but none more VITAL then Google My Business.

Google My Business Agency Serving New England MA RI CT VT NH ME

Mutant Gene Media is a Google My Business Agency that understands the intricacies of properly completing the GMB listing while ensuring its compliance with Google.

Without a Google My Business listing, your business will NEVER show up at the top of Google Search results by way of the local services 3-pack. And you can't gain access without being on Google My Business. It is a vital feature of your GMB.

  • GMB is vital as businesses reopen.
  • GMBs are used to respond to search queries.
  • Customers get directions, call or message you.
  • Quickly see and act on reviews about you.
  • Post on Google My Business! They rank!

First some Google My Business statistics:

  • 98% of people will learn about your business online
    • So it makes sense to direct & influence that experience as much as possible 
  • Over 90% of people use search engines to research any type of company.
    • They’re looking for information, reviews, testimonials, credibility & videos to help them make or influence that decision.
  • Google states that almost half of the searches performed on their search engine platform have LOCAL intent. 
  • More than half of consumers have indicated that they use Google My Business to find contact information for the local businesses they’re looking for.

Local Google My Business Listing Services are key to getting the full benefits of an optimized Google My Business Listing.

  1. You can appear in Google Maps & Local 3-pack & pack listings. These are integral & vital components of Google Search Engine Results Page or SERPS as they’re called. You’re going to want a GMB agency like Mutant Gene Media to optimize your GMB listing to it’s fullest potential. 
  2. You can get high-quality, trusted reviews for your business through your Google My Business listing. These days visitors to your pages and online properties take reviews incredibly seriously. Having great reviews can be the differentiating factor over a person choosing to use your business’s services over another. These days Google reviews carry weight in terms of creating a significant online trust factor. Never underestimate the power of a Google review.
  3. Your Google My Business marketing agency has access to an incredible amount of search data, called “insights” on the Google my Business platform. Get information on views, engagement, searches customers perform where your business shows up. audience types and how many clicks your website got from the listing. 

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We create lead machines for businesses.


Where does a Google My Business Help Me Show Up Online?

On Google search results. When someone performs a search the most relevant results are shown. 3-packs & Maps Results & Knowledge Graph. The results displayed are deemed "Quality" search results by Google.

Google My Business Agency Serving New England MA RI CT VT NH ME

You want to be in the 3-Pack & on Google Maps-Pack, The Info-Graph & Your website's organic search results. And that's just for starters. Mutant Gene Media will help you get there.

The real bottom line here is that if you want to be considered as the most-relevant or one of the most relevant results, you'd better be working with an SEO Agency that knows how to optimize your website, Google My Business etc.

  • You could appear in knowledge graph.
  • Optimized GMBs can rank in 3-Pack & Maps.
  • GMBs significantly boost organic SEO efforts.
  • Can show up in organic results & shopping etc.
  • GMB posts featured in search & graph results.

A Local Google My Business Agency like ours will optimize your Google My Business listing for Posts. Posting consistently on any platform will boost your overall efforts. If SEO and digital marketing is important to you, you will want to maintain a regular posting schedule. 

  • Posts on Google My Business are similar to posting on website blogs or social media posts. All of which are more powerful than most people even imagine. Google posts are said to disappear after 7 days but at seems Google My Business posts appear to be more powerful than any other kind. Maybe it’s because their created directly on Google’s platform, your GMB but they’ve been shown to increase rankings in maps & the 3-pack.
  • Google my Business posts are also fantastic at displaying customized calls to action for readers/viewers. 
  • The Google My Business listing platform allows users to directly pose questions to the business which allows for the business to post those frequently asked questions responses in a way that reaches all of it’s users. Taking advantage of these frequently asked questions opportunities do ultimately effect your ability to position for opportunities in voice search as two big pieces of voice search results are FAQs and 5-Star ratings.
  • Google My Business photo, text or video posts appear to people who view your GMB see your posts in the “overview” or “Updates” section of your profile. 
  • You can create a Google My Business listing post by: 1) Log into your GMB account. 2) Click on create post. 3) Choose a post type. 4) Complete all other relevant fields. 5) Take a preview look at your post to see if it’s good. 6) Click publish.


Google 5-Star Reviews. Why Do I need Them?

Collecting 5-Star Google Reviews from Customers is like finding GOLD in the street. A 5-Star review from a client is better than a tip. The residual effects will last the life of your business.

Google My Business Agency Serving New England MA RI CT VT NH ME
Google My Business Agency Serving New England MA RI CT VT NH ME

Here's the catch. If you collect negative reviews, those will also have a residual impact. So reviews are to be managed. And Mutant Gene Media is here to handle that for you. You're welcome.

But you provide top-notch service right? That's what it's all about.. developing trust. And in today's semantic web, verified 5-star reviews from Google are gold. Google goes to great lengths to ensure it has trust from all of us who use it. They're strict for that very reason. Their reviews carry weight. And ultimately, they will also have significant impact on your rankings.

  • Check your Google reviews often. Respond quickly.
  • More reviews = chances of ranking in packs.
  • More reviews + consistent reviews = credibility.
  • Create a system for requesting reviews.
  • Customers vibe with your biz thru reviews.
  • Join other review sites & build citations.

The Importance of Google My Business Reviews by GMB Agency Mutant Gene Media©

According to researchers at Rize© 90% of people who are considering buying your product or service need to see at least 10 reviews before the start to form an opinion of your company.  And those reviews need to be good by the way. They’re not going to be valuable if they’re all two star right? Quite the contrary.

Those reviews should be 5-star so people know they can count on your business to get the job done. Google reviews can be considered as powerful and important to your marketing efforts as Websites, Social Media accounts & GMB profile listings as such, you’ll notice similar benefits:

  • Builds Trust in Potential Buyers of your products or services.
  • Improves your search rankings. It’s common knowledge that Google favors trusted, authority brands. It favors 5-star business profiles over non 5-star. 
  • Increases sales. Every person reading this has been influenced to chose products & services based on their having or lacking a 5-star rating. It works * it heavily influences consumer purchasing.
  •  Increased reach: Yes, it’s those ripple effects because everyone wants to share experienced they received from a 5-star business. People are always looking for content to share. So they will inevitably post about their experience with your product or company. Make sure it’s a good one!

How can you better connect with your customers so that you can garner more & better reviews from your customers?

  • A good GMB Agency can set up an automated system of review collection & management. It’s easy to include a review process with your product or services checkout system. A link to your Google review funnel can be sent by automated email. It can be that easy.
  • Make sure your product or service is top-notch. You need to earn a good review to be able to get one.  
  • If you don’t have an automated system for collecting them. Ask for them. Give your customer a call and ask them to please leave you a review. You can also text them the link making it easy for them to click on it and immediately leave the review.
  • PRO TIP: The review will be even more powerful if it contains a keyword for your industry. Bet you didn’t know that. There’s a lot more we can clue you in on when it comes to local SEO agency pro tips & digital marketing pro tips. Walk With Mutants© on this one.

Read more inside of our website. Mutant Gene Serves all of Greater New England and New York. We service states like: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine & New York. 

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local seo services Mutant Gene Media a digital marketing agency in massachusetts new england

SEO Packages & A La Carte SEO starting at $395 per month*


No optimized Google My Business Bruh? Woah.

No Google My Business is like Cereal without milk. It's like a bath with no water. It's like.. well, you get it.

google my business management mutant gene media optimization services new england and RI VT ME NH CT MASS

Mutant Gene Media masterfully optimizes your GMB profile, even adding structure like Latitude & longitude to your photos.

This is the type of optimization that will give you an edge over your local competition. And remember, your goal for obtaining leads is visibility. No Google My Business listing means you’re not in the 3-pack in search results. That means you’re missing out on over 70% of the clicks going to local businesses like yours. MUTANT GENE MEDIA WILL TAKE QUICK ACTION:

  • Claim It
  • Verify It
  • Gather Data
  • Optimize w/SEO
  • Engage with Audience
  • Track Results & Repeat

You do have the ability of course to claim, verify, complete, optimize & post to Google my Business on your own. But why would you? A Google My Business Marketing agency like Mutant Gene Media happily serves all of New England RI, CT, MA, ME, VT, NH and can get it done for you more quickly & easily. This is what we do. 

But if you decide that you really want to get into the grind of it all and do this yourself, here are a few considerations and pieces of information that you’ll need:

Side note: All this information needs to be completed in exactly the same format for all your business listing and citations you have across the web. There are other considerations but continue..

  1. Your Business Name: This needs to be consistent throughout the web. 
  2. Phone Number: Again something that needs to remain consistent throughout the web.
    1. Normal businesses do not change telephone numbers regularly. They keep them for decades. Changing your telephone number on your Google My Business is a sure way of getting your listing suspended. There are a few ways of getting suspended but you say you want to do this on your own so continue.
  3. Address: Make sure it’s always the same way in all your listings. 
  4. Category is similar to your Industry – choose carefully – check what your competition is choosing for a business category. Do not underestimate the importance of this selection if you want to show up online for the right customers.
  5. Description: Fill this one out completely. accurately, informatively and thoroughly. Use up every single character you can in completing your profiles.
  6. Working Hours: including holiday closures, special hours etc.
  7. FAQ: An faq section is a must in todays web on all websites etc. – WHY? because in this age of voice search technology, when people ask questions, Google searches the FAQs of the most dominant online presences and most authority sites to get those answers right from FAQs. 
    1. Do you see now the importance of ensuring you have 5-star ratings, authoritative content, and strong FAQ sections on all your online business platforms. Yeah, I bet you do see it.
  8. Photos: Make sure the photos you put up are engaging and provide photos for all of your interior, exterior, employee sections of your GMB (and other sections). Remember to use only high-quality images because Google likes that. There is a lot of optimization that you can do for your GMB. We can help. 
  9. Depending on the categories available for your industry(ies), other fields to populate may or may not become available. 
  10. Post Regularly: On your Google my Business listing especially you will want to post regularly. Remember Google posts only last about 7 days in most cases. So posting regularly will be necessary in order to have the most impact on the platform and on the web ultimately. 
    1. A strong Google My Business Marketing agency will help you get where you need to be. a GMB agency such as Mutant Gene Media© is here to help. We service all of New England. Serving states such as Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, & Connecticut. With a fully remote presence we can handle SEO optimization services in any town, city or state in the country. We provide services solely within the United States.
  11. When you post, include your important keywords in your post. And stay on subject with what that keyword is about. Structure your content so that it is important to your keyword information stack. There are other optimization tactics you can use. We can help. And remember. You can Walk With Mutants© on this one if you need to.
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