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This Google Ads Agency says "Yes!" to: Can advertising on Google, Social Media or other platforms help my business?

Advertising on Google, social media or other platforms & channels will bring your brand instant visibility. Especially if you're a local services provider. You can accurately target only your service areas serving them relevant ads or special offers.

Mutant Gene Media is ready to create, launch & manage your ads campaigns across any channel. You can Walk with Mutants© on this one. We have you covered.

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An SEO & Digital Marketing Agency

When should I use paid ads?

What are the types of benefits I'm looking for in ads?


Paid ads are a tool. And this Google Ads Agency knows how to use the. If you want to target every single human being living within your service areas, BOOM! You create an optimized ad and hit the go-button!

Fact is that you won't reach everyone you want to reach organically. It all works together like cogs in a machine. Paid ads has powerful uses but it all depends on what you are hoping to achieve from your campaign.

  • Digital ads are all relatively low cost.
  • Ads on You Tube can cost .01 cents per view.
  • Ads give you wide reach for low cost.
  • Ads provide hyper-focused targeting.
  • Boost brand awareness or brand messages.
  • Provides access to millions of people instantly.

A Google Ads Agency like Mutant Gene Media© can help you determine the most powerful and effective paid marketing platforms for your business. By the way, we’re not just a regular ads agency, we’re a Google Ads Agency, certified in search©, a PPC Agency & a Facebook Ads Agency + more! We’ve seen a lot of Ads over the years! The ads you develop will be different based on the platform’s audience you’re choosing to target.

Now some great channels you can leverage:

  1. Paid search is effective for quickly being able to spread your message to millions of people. It beats organic reach and awareness building, that normally takes time to develop, and bypasses it, to instantly show millions of people your message. It also highly targets ad viewers so those people who you really want seeing your ad actually see it. You don’t want to be paying for clicks to your ads from people who are not really your customers. They won’t buy but they will cost you ad spend.
  2. Social Media ads are relatively inexpensive and if done properly can have a big ROI or return on investment. For under $50 per week, a company have create and promote some pretty effective ads. And these platforms are especially hyper-targeted allowing you to reach almost exactly who you want to reach.
  3. You tube is extremely effective at delivering ads to consumers. And again we find that it is also extremely economical to advertise on You Tube. You can sometimes pay just one penny per view for your ads which is an incredible value no matter how much you slice it. Even at 2 cents per view, it is a bargain. So video promotion using You Tube is the right thing whenever you have video content that you want people seeing, commenting on and engaging with.
  4. Google search and display ads are also extremely targeted effective and economical to use for advertising purposes.
  5. Facebook Ads: With its literally billions of users, including just about every adult on the planet, Facebook Ads can put you in touch with anyone and everyone incredibly quickly. If you have a message, product or service you want or need to deliver to the world, Facebook Ads is a fantastic way of doing it. 
  6. Ads Space on your industry-related high-DA authority blogs. Which can also land you with with some great links if you’re able to leverage that greater relationship. 
  7. PPC Ads (pay per click): A Google Ads agency like ours can help set up PPC Ads campaigns for you. These Ads have strict guidelines for quality that can be tricky even for experienced advertisers. Your Ads, landing pages, keywords, intent & more, need to be aligned perfectly to comply with Google’s strict requirements for advertising. Once you master your Ads quality score, there are numerous other categories you’ll need to master. This is usually why new advertisers appear to loose so much money when they first run ads. 1) Google & your dashboard are acquiring data about your business & your ads, determining quality, intent, placement etc. 2) You need a differentiating offer. For example if you’re a contractor who offers a 10-year warranty on your roofs in an advertising arena filled with contractors who offer a lifetime warranty, you’re really going to be hurting to convert those ads. You can’t walk into the paid Ads arena half-baked, you need to be willing to fight. The contractor warranty illustration carries across every industry. You’re going to have to be ready to fight. 

Read more inside of our website. Mutant Gene Serves all of Greater New England and New York. We service states like: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine & New York. 


We create lead machines for businesses.


What advertising channels should I use to advertise in? Web? Social?

Short answer: Just a hand-full that get the job done. But you'll need to test them first.

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You could advertise on Google Ads. Their network includes display ads, search ads, mobile ads, shopping ads and video ads in the form of You Tube which is owned by Google. Test some small-scope ads out at first or Walk With Mutants on it!

For Social Media ads, there are 4 types of social platforms you can advertise on. 1) Social Networking: Facebook, Linked In 2) Microblogging: Tumblr, Medium, Twitter 3) Photo sharing (Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat 4) Video sharing: You Tube, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories)

  • Hundreds of platforms to advertise on.
  • It’s ok to start with the major known platforms.
  • 10x digital marketing game w/targeted Ads.
  • Unspoken truth: paid ads = better rankings.
  • Ads improve brand credibility.

Mutant Gene Media is a Google Ads Agency. We’re certified in Search Advertising and we know there are benefits to Paid Ads. A lot of people prefer paid ads over organic traffic efforts. It’s because paid ads is a sort of instant gratification. To them as long as the ROI is greater than the investment, it’s worth it.

At this Google Ads Agency we think that you should have a combination of both. We think that your paid ad efforts should compliment your overall strategy. We also think that and PPC Agency loves having the paid ads weapon available to them for strategic objectives like fast campaigns where the final ingredient is substantive, real, live, immediate traffic to your sales materials. 

This ads agency has collected some benefits to paid ads shown here:

  1. Organic reach is down in general across all platforms as gatekeepers seek to push more users to paid ads. It’s a fact, organic reach is down as search & social platforms steer more businesses towards paid advertising. Thankfully costs are still incredibly low on social media & search platforms relatively speaking. Paid ads on the flip-side give you almost immediate results by providing immediate streams of traffic. You do however need to know how to optimize that traffic and optimize all of your platforms, profiles, listings & CTAs to ensure you can capitalize on it all. If your landing pages, website, message, calls to action etc. are not in great shape, you won’t convert that very traffic you focused on generating. Ultimately it’s a symbiotic process. 
  2. Ads are still very low cost relatively speaking. And you can track your ad spending quite thoroughly, seeing quickly whether or not the ROI is worth it. Ads done correctly will usually have a high ROI. Eh, done correctly that is. 
  3. Ads creation is not a complicated process when one is using the correct tools. many of which can be found at relatively low costs or free. The main issue with any advertising asset is that it has to have the right combination of elements (even color) to be successful. Usually the most successful ad copy is experienced ad copy. So you should seek to work with a Google Ads Agency or Facebook Ads Agency that really gets it. That has the experience with the changing platforms to be creative and out of the box while still leveraging the experience in Ads to create kick-butt advertising. Business owners should research a lot and practice a lot before just jumping into Ads. Or they should leverage an Ads Agency that has the know how. Simple.
  4. Data is going to become your best friend when it comes to Ads. Any paid ads platform you use will have a data rich dashboard which over time will help you streamline your ads. Your costs will go down because you will have learned what is working and not working in your vertical in terms of ads. A Google Ads agency or Facebook Ads Agency will have already gone through this learning process for many different verticals. Ask them when you speak with them if the Ads agency has worked on ads in your industry vertical. 

Read more inside of our website. Mutant Gene Serves all of Greater New England and New York. We service states like: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine & New York. 



What are the different types of paid ads?

Which one is the most effective or is used the most?


There are 4 types of ad categories: Mobile Ads, Video Ads, Display Ads & Native Ads. It's hard to choose what kind you need. And it gets even harder when you think about the types of ads you need to choose from within those categories such as: search ads. social ads, remarketing ads, Google shopping ads etc.

Unless you plan on doing your own research and spending the time to A/B test campaigns, while you simultaneously learn about Ad copy and what components make up great Ad that converts, it's probably a better idea to Walk with Mutants on this one!

  • Search ads #1
  • Social Media Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Local Service Ads
  • And more..

Because of space considerations on other pages in this section, we haven’t had the ability to discuss all of the Paid Ads platforms. But an advertising agency like Mutant Gene media© over time gains the experience to advertise properly on all paid platforms. Whether you are a Google Ads Agency, a PPC Agency or a Facebook Ads Agency, at some point as an Ads Agency, you’re going to work on every paid ads platform there is.  

Let’s take a look at a few we haven’t yet looked at and recap a few others if we have time and space on this page. You can always speak with one of our team members directly and ask any questions you have. Or use the link to set up a meeting about your potential project. 

  1. Instagram Paid Ads: The great part about Instagram is that since its owned by Facebook, you have all of the data that Facebook has been able to aggregate available to you for marketing purposes. Some folks in the market claim that Instagram has the best returns on its ads, while we haven’t been able to directly confirm that, we do notice engagement rates on Instagram Ads to be the highest we have seen across platforms. Do your own research and confirm. 
  2. Linked In Paid Ads:  Any Ads Agency would be hard-pressed not to include LinkedIn Paid Ads in their arsenal of SEO tools. Everyone knows that the professional crowd hangs out on LinkedIn. It’s the largest B2B social platform in the world. This target audience happens to be among the most educated in the world. And Linked In allows you to target industry verticals and specifics within industries so you get hard-core focused, direct targeting. 
  3. Google Ads Paid Ads: Google remains a dominant force in the Ads biz because you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. Your main concern with these types of Ads is bidding and being shown in the first place. You want a high Ads quality score, relevance etc. to win out over Google showing other Ads it feels are more viable or valuable to the consumer/searcher. A great thing about Google Ads is that if someone is searching for a roofing contractor, they’re further down in the decision-making process. The intent is to get a new roof. So now it’s a matter of positioning yourself as the best, great reviews, great testimonials, great offer, best value to the customer may get them to choose your company. 

Take it from this advertising agency, you’re going to want to leverage both paid and organic SEO & Digital marketing to accomplish your goals. Depends on what your objectives are as a business or as a local SEO Agency. No matter what platform you leverage for paid Ads, remember to also collect & leverage your data. Store it as well so that you can keep adding to it and get a historical & current sense of what is working in your advertisement campaigns.

Mutant Gene Media© is Google Ads certified for Search! We’re a Google Ads Agency, a Facebook Ads agency & a PPC agency. That means we can handle all of your advertising agency needs in one fell swoop!

Read more inside of our website. Mutant Gene Serves all of Greater New England and New York. We service states like: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine & New York. 


local seo services Mutant Gene Media a digital marketing agency in massachusetts new england

An SEO & Digital Marketing Agency

SEO Packages & A La Carte SEO starting at $395 per month*


Is spending money on ads worth it?

Ask the companies and people who spent a combined total of over $350 billion on digital advertising in 2020.
Geico insurance alone spent over 2.26 Billion.

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The simple answer is that YES ads work big time! But like anything else worth doing, it takes time to master creating, optimizing and managing ads. You can easily lose a significant amount of money early on if the ads are not optimized.

There's a fair amount of upfront learning & testing with your foundational ads. As your experience with ads across platforms increases, your costs will also increase in efficiency.

  • Paid advertising faster results than SEO.
  • Find your sweet spot with Ads for good ROI.
  • Stop & start ads your ads at will.
  • Extremely precise targeting of local markets.
  • Learning about ad negative keywords.