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What is Content Marketing? Why do I need a content marketing agency?

A content marketing agency produces, well, content. Content is like the gas in your car. Without it, your website, Google My Business, Social Media, citations etc., everything you have built will be wasted. Content is the jet fuel in your rocket. And it's the catalyst in your lead machine! You won't take off without it.

MUTANT GENE MEDIA’s content marketing agency team can and will handle all of your content marketing, including a complete content strategy that targets your customers. Walk with Mutants on this one!

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An SEO & Video Marketing Agency

What is content marketing? Why do I need it?

Consistency and developing a brand voice will help fuel your content marketing.

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In content marketing a company creates and distributes relevant, consistent & valuable content to attract & convert the type of customers that help that business thrive & grow. The idea is to gain new customers regularly & nurture existing ones through engagement & optimization of posts.

Content gives your customers the answers before they have the questions. You can build trust with your audience, connect with customers, and by developing high-quality, consistent content, generates leads. And leads is why we're here.

  • Builds trust & eventually loyal followers.
  • You’ll generate better, higher-quality leads.
  • Hyper-focus and post regularly to 10x results.
  • Your content can turn you into a thought leader.
  • Video content is the most engaging & liked.

Mutant Gene Media© does content big time. And as we’re sure you’ve heard out there online, CONTENT is KING! And they’re not kidding. Content is king. It’s the online version of gas and it fuels all your online properties. Without it, your onsite presence is as stagnant as stagnant can be. In other words everyone needs to produce content to stay relevant online. But some content is more super-charged than other content. Some content is just posted haphazardly. It’s thrown out not based on any real content strategy. And that can be detrimental to your business. Besides, if you’re going to be putting out content, shouldn’t it be as powerful as it can be?

What are some of the benefits to having a content marketing agency create a  content marketing plan for your company?

  1.  Content marketing means more.. More reasons for your customers to stay engaging with your content. More opportunities to convert. More reach. More awareness. More engagement with your site. More engagement with your social media marketing platforms. More engagement with your authoritative website content & authoritative blog posts.
  2. Opportunities to Rank. More opportunities to rank. The more you post content that matters, the more it will show up on search engines. The higher your authority through your authoritative content & posting, the higher it will rank. It’s like an extremely positive compounding effect on all your activities.
  3. The more content your write, the more authoritative your site will seem to Google. Especially if that content you have out there is getting read and getting linked by to by other readers/viewers who find that content useful. They’ll link back and Google will find those genuine backlinks & engagement activity and reward you for them with higher rankings.
  4.  Numerous traffic opportunities. Here at Mutant Gene Media© we like to think of your website & online properties and your tens of posts and posts like a giant octopus with tentacles. Your posts are those tentacles reaching out into the ocean of the internet. And those tentacles are touching everything out there. 
  5. Improved Brand Reputation & Conversions: All of this content and authority you’ve generated will increase your brands reputation as an authority on the web. Think about it this way, you’re gaining your stripes online and through this process you will truly become what you need to be to conduct normal business operations online. 

There are many more opportunities & benefits with content marketing. For the purposes of this section we’ll cut this information here. 


We create lead machines for businesses.


With consistent, valuable, quality content and frequent posts throughout your channels. You will connect.

Check out the lifecycle of just one great piece of content below.

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Different types of content will affect your viewers, readers, listeners differently as they make their way through the engagement process. The illustration shows the process a content consumer might go through when engaging in your specific piece of content.

The goal will be to get really good at understanding what type of content you need to produce for your respective audience. It isn't that hard if you know what to do. But if you don't put a team on the case that can handle it all for you, MUTANT GENE MEDIA. Walk with Mutants on this one!

  • Become obsessed with content.
  • Ensure your content is evergreen.
  • Content resonate with different consumers.
  • Develop your company’s online voice.
  • FORGET about NOT having a content strategy.

The Content creation process that a content agency undertakes to create solid, engaging content for the internet doesn’t have to be hard. You can use a content marketing cycle to manage the creation & distribution of great content that will work regularly to bring in and hold onto your type of audience.

Whether you’re working with a content marketing agency or a video marketing agency, it’s vital that you ensure they have experience creating content marketing cycles. Any content agency that doesn’t should be avoided. You can avoid those types of issues with your content agency by just asking.

Components of a content marketing cycle include: 

  1. Why are you creating this piece of content and for who? What kind of customer do you wish to attract with this piece or with this campaign of pieces?
  2. What is the theme of the content? Do you have some intuition yet about what kind of customer you want and what your ideal type of customer is?
  3. What can set you apart from the ocean of competition you have? Are they stuck in tradition and you’re just the company to break the mold. For example: do they offer a 10-year warranty but you offer a lifetime warranty? Who doesn’t want a lifetime warranty? How do you set yourself apart? How can we put that back into your content? How many different ways can we use that content?
  4. Think about how you promote that content if needed to give it a boost so it takes off. Don’t be afraid to put a few bucks into advertising the content. Think about potential contests and give-away campaigns that you can create where you give something of value upfront but get so much reach, awareness & even sales from the campaign that you actually profit from it. A big win win and now think about a way of doing it so that it’s an evergreen campaign. You’ll want to identify content opportunities like that where they are repeating and self sustainable. They exist. You need to be creative about finding them. It’s your industry after all. Start thinking. We can help. Walk With Mutants© on this one!
  5. Analyze your content on a regular basis. For example for content on a website, check your traffic stats. Determine what content may be weak and improve it. Make it new again. Turn it into cornerstone content for goodness sake. Analyze your competitors content too! What’s working for them? Maybe it’s time for a definitive guide with 5000 words of content for that topic! Maybe that topic in your local services area is ready for disruption! Think outside the box.
  6. Re-use and better-use your content. Think about it this way. If you start by creating video content, you can then use the audio portion to create a pod cast. You can take images of the videos and create pictures for Pinterest linking back to the topics on your site. You can take tweets of your best material from your conversations in the video. Your images and text can also become blog articles. You have now reused and smartly used this one video you created. Now take that idea and expound on it. Think out of the box for that out of the box idea. 



What are the different types of content I can use?

What stages of the sales process do we engage specific types of content?

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Similar to what you read in the social media section regarding a social media calendar, you'll ultimately need a full content calendar that shows your posts and contributions across all your web, Google & social media platforms. One calendar that directs the flow of all that content.

You will also want to segmentize your content by consumer experience point. Your consumers will be at different stages of their relationship with your company. Content for those who are just getting to know your company will be tailored to their needs such as shown in the image entitled "Content Matrix".

     Top Forms of Content in 2021

  • Video Format Type #1
  • Social Media Posts
  • News Articles
  • Research Content
  • Online Classes
  • Interactive Articles
  • Tools & How To’s

A good content marketing agency will get you set up with a smart content matrix you can use to create, distribute & promote your content. With some experience, it becomes a sustainable, evergreen action for your business. 

What types of content can I use in my Content Matrix?

  1. Videos, Blog posts, articles, website pages, ebooks, newsletter, webinars, podcasts, influencer posts about your business, contests, quizzes, interactive short software, FAQs, testimonials and so much more!
  2. What’s the strategy? Create buyer personas for your business. What’s your ideal customer look like? What are they looking for? What do they need? What are the challenges you solve for them. What obstacles do they face that you solve for them? What hurdles? 
  3. Create your personas and answer those questions for them. Solve their issues. Help jump those hurdles for them. The result: content gold.
  4. Create a content calendar and map out your content for the month for all your web, social, GMB and other posts. It will be a bit of a challenge at first to create all of this data but after a bit of work and some experience, you’ll know exactly what kind of content marketing 
  5. Put your production plan together for your content. What tools and resources do you need? Are you creating video? Do you need a green screen and digital assets? Lights? Camera? Do you need editing software? What other resources do you need to get the content creation process moving along steadily?
  6. Pro Tip: the most consumed & well-received type or form of content right now is video. People love video for learning, entertainment & news. Can’t get enough of it. It’s also the highest form of content in the sense that you can use it to create so many other forms of content like we discussed prior. 
    We’ll end here for the purposes of this content. Find more information on our other pages.  

Read more inside of our website. Mutant Gene Serves all of Greater New England and New York. We service states like: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine & New York


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A Content Creation, Content Marketing Agency & Video Marketing Agency

SEO Packages & A La Carte SEO starting at $395 per month*


Numerous Content Channels to Publish On!

Maximizing your reach and maximizing the effectiveness of your content will be a priority.

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The success and effectiveness of your campaigns will raise or drop depending on what distribution and promotion decisions you make. It's a learning process. One we've already gone through over the years. Depending on your industry, the amount of time you need to put into it will vary.

You don't need to be everywhere when it comes to distribution. You need to pinpoint distribution channels that are effective for your industry. You want maximum reach of your product or services in an effective way.

  • Alter and modify your content across channels.
  • Turn video into podcasts, pictures & posts.
  • Power up content with share & syndication.
  • Test your content across channels.
  • Create social syndication wheels & RSS feeds.

Using the right content marketing agency is vital to your success. Remember that content is your jet fuel. You can’t take off without it. You’re going to need to ensure that your content remains high-quality to your standards. You’re going to want it to be seen, heard, read, shared, watched etc. you get it right? 

Content Distribution is when you put your content on as many platforms as you can. As many as you have access to. Similar to when we talked about reusing and repurposing content. That process applies here as well. You’ll place it on all of your social. Post it on your GMB & website. Blast it in your autoresponder email series etc.

Content syndication involves getting 3rd party sites to republish your material on their networks. This type of syndication always requires appropriate attribution and SEO in order to properly optimize the content for syndication and avoid potential duplicate content issues with Google.

When publishing your distributing and syndicating your content throughout the web:

  1. Big plus! You’re going to gain valuable links throughout the web. You’ll acquire social links, GMB links, potentially links from people who enjoy and share your content. A great deal of positive links that will add link diversity to your web profile. The more organic and natural links you acquire, the more authority and strength your domain will acquire resulting in higher rankings. Yes, you want a high DA or domain authority for your website’s foundation. A domain is a long-term investment.
  2. Recreate your content by modifying it and changing it up a bit to better suit the different platforms that you will be posting it on. Twitter posts look different from Facebook posts so it’s important that you be knowledgeable about the different sized profile covers to use. How to best position and size images for profile and background images etc. There’s a lot to consider when completing the various online profiles and data fields. Most times hiring a content marketing agency or video content agency like Mutant Gene Media to handle it, is your best bet in terms of solid result-oriented action. You don’t want to best-guess this. You want experienced SEOs making those strategic decisions.

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