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A Local SEO Company & Small Business Website Design Company that Gets Your Business Ranking in 2021.

A Long-time Local SEO Company like Mutant Gene Media knows the nuances of local SEO. We're the kind of SEO & Website Design company you need on your side in 2021. Having an online presence has become a matter of survival for your business. If you're not online, you don't exist.

MUTANT GENE MEDIA helps you create a DOMINANT online presence. A LEAD MACHINE, that generates qualified leads for your business. Walk with Mutants© on this one.

local seo services Mutant Gene Media a digital marketing agency in massachusetts new england

A Local SEO Company & Digital Marketing Agency


Step #1 Mobile, SEO-Juiced Small Business Websites.

Fast, Ultra-Responsive, Properly Structured Websites

Sites that look as good on mobile as they do on desktop

But they don’t just look great, they work great. They’re mobile first as 75% of all browsing is conducted on mobile devices. These sites are structured with local SEO in Mind. Geo-tagging and optimization are included.*

This Local SEO company ensures that Structured Data & Schema Included Standard on all our websites!

Structured Data & Schema provide Google with a significant amount of data about your site. One of the most important components required to rank highly in search results. If your site doesn’t have it, come get some!

Security & Back-Ups Included With Every Site.

Not only are our websites properly structured & injected with power, they are also hosted on highly secure servers. Back-up copies are also included with all websites in case of hacking disruptions. Walk with Mutants© when you want the best local SEO services.

What is SEO? What is Local SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. The idea is that you create a website that gives the search engines what they need for them to properly index you on the web.

But let’s get real for a minute, while SEO is intended to further a website’s ability to rank on all search engines, the only one anyone really cares about is Google’s search engine. “Google Search.”. So for many SEOs it’s a matter of ensuring the website complies with all of Google’s requirements for presentation to end users. Searchers.

Local SEO is focused on search engine optimization efforts that have a stronger effect locally. A contractor who services a specific area of cities, states etc., will need local SEO. Both types of SEO are very similar but local SEO incorporates the use of geo-based data or locational data.

A contractor in Massachusetts for example would want their business seen to all their target locations in Massachusetts, specifically, cities in Massachusetts & maybe some border cities, states. SEO efforts would then be focused solely in those areas.

To provide a more technical response; SEO & Local SEO is/are the practice of helping to rank websites more easily & more highly in search results. SEOs help search engine’s understand what your website is all about. SEOs help Google understand:

  • Industry: A local SEO Company researches your industry in order to better direct your SEO strategy.
  • Competitors: Local SEO Services SEOs research your competitors at a local and national level. Service-area or Country-wide.
  • Keyword Research: Local SEO Agency SEOs research and catalog intent-based keywords for your business. Creating main, supporting & conversational keyword silos for your website and other web-based platforms.
  • Analytics & Reporting: SEO Services near me SEOs Collect, Record, Collate and Analyze all relevant data & use it to create SEO & Digital Marketing action plans for your businesses online presence. 
  • Mobile Responsiveness & SEO: Experienced Local SEO Agency’s will ensure your website is mobile responsive, meaning that the site’s framework conforms to the device it’s being viewed on. It is viewed and functions properly on desktop devices, tablets, laptops and desktops. Google needs to ensure that users have a great experience while on Google, so only sites that are mobile responsive get to rank in our mobile-first web.
  • Search Engines Crawl Your Site Better: SEOs ensure that all search engines can properly crawl your website. They also submit your website’s URLs to all major search engines to get your site indexed quickly!
  • Optimized Content: SEOs and Digital Marketers will help you create and or select well-optimized content to fuel your online presence a.k.a. lead machine.
  • This is a small list of the optimizations and factors Google considers when awarding rankings to certain sites over another. 
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local seo services Mutant Gene Media a digital marketing agency in massachusetts new england
Local SEO Company Serving New England MA RI NH VT CT RI

Step #2 Google My Business

Optimization from every angle and every level.

Appear in Local Maps and Local Pack Listings!

How will you succeed online without visibility? Google My Business is the gateway to the “3-pack” in search results. If you’re not being seen in the 3-pack, you’re missing out on those leads. It’s also the gateway to being seen in Google Maps. This local SEO Company will show you how. We’ll use state of the art Local SEO services to get there!

Reviews improve your local SEO & increase your sales!

“Google Reviews” are influencing buying decisions every minute of the day. Are you in control of your reviews? Are you putting the power of those reviews to work for your business? Mutant Gene Media puts you in control of your reviews & your online reputation. Goal= tons of reviews + 5-Stars.

A Google My Business Profile Provides Significant Dominance Opportunities

It’s arguable that a Google My Business listing could be responsible for 25% or more of your online revenue. This SEO company would go so far as to suggest that not having a GMB is like not wearing shoes during a snow storm. This local SEO Company provides GMB agency services as part of our local SEO services package.

Some benefits to having a Google My Business listing

This Google Business Agency has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right!

  • A google my business listing gets you seen on the web! It amplifies your presence and Google actually wants to promote your business on its platforms. Once you create a google my business listing, you’ll be cleared for access to the 3-pack search results and to google’s map-based results. Congrats! You just expanded your footprint online with these two massive benefits!
  • Put your best foot forward by placing your best images on your google my business listing! Chances are high, they’ll be among the first shown to visitors who find your services online. We’ll be sure to optimize them before you place them on your google my business listing.
  • Be sure to optimize your listing! Just filling out some of your company data haphazardly is not a good idea. You will want a consistent business listing throughout the web. Let your google my business listing set an example for all other listings online.
  • Another massive benefit to your business is your ability to capture google reviews! Now that you have a google my business listing you’ll be able to give your customers a link where they can leave your 5-star service, a 5-star rating. These google reviews & related comments & ratings will give your business one heck of a boost online. That’s assuming you’re providing exceptional service. Well let’s assume you are for a minute 🙂 well, that means customers are leaving reviews and those visitors thinking about becoming your customers feel that much better about yoru business because they’re seeing people like them, leave your business a great review. You can automate the collecting and management of your reviews and your reputation management.
  • There are more great google my business listing benefits. Those can be found on our GMB Agency page.



Local SEO Company Serving New England MA RI NH VT CT RI

Step #3 The Power of Social Media

From increasing awareness of your brand to generating leads and ultimately sales, the power you have is impressive.

Entity Validation Within Google's Algorithym.

Entity Validation: Google’s ability to validate your identity as a real business will highly influence whether or not your business is shown prominently if at all. Side Bonus: All of our properties comes with reputation-management built-in!

Tells Your Local Community About Your Services!

Google My Business let’s your local “potential” customers know you exist! It’s a force for local SEO! Let everyone locally know they can’t do without your outstanding services! Become a thought leader in your industry in the process.

Social Media = Increased Reach + Awareness

That formula usually means more sales. So all that extra attention needs to be properly funneled into a sales system. One that is made as automated & streamlined as possible as your business grows.

This New England-based social media marketing Agency will help you reap the rewards of leveraging social media marketing for your businesses online presence. 

  • Brand Awareness 2-10X : Activating your social media presence will have similar positive benefits for your business. Leverage our social media marketing services to take full advantage now!
  • Increased traffic to your website: social media marketing or your business is a must-do! The more online social media portals you create, the more gateways you are creating towards more traffic for your business. Share and distribute your content throughout the web. This New England, USA social media marketing agency will help you properly syndicate your content throughout the web, 2-10X’ing your results! 
  • Better search result rankings! Posting to social media platforms regularly can help generate powerful social signals for your website! Social links are trusted by Google and they add to a more diversified backlink portfolio. Real businesses generate real social posts, and that results in real social boosts for your online presence! 
  • Better Customer Happiness! When you post regularly, you are speaking with your customers regularly. When you engage with them online, you impact your reach and effectiveness exponentially. When you get to know the various social media platforms, you’ll know which ones are better for customer support, which ones are better to communicate things about your brand etc. A world of opportunities open up with your brand new expanded reach!
  • Your brand’s credibility is 2-10X: All of this online visibility has people taking notice and when they review your business on social, they get a real sense of your businesses priorities, work ethic, behavior, customer response comments, rate of response etc. The cumulative effect is that customers can see that you rock online and they want to be part of it. 

Read more inside of our website. Mutant Gene Serves all of Greater New England and New York. We service states like: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine & New York. 


local seo services Mutant Gene Media a digital marketing agency in massachusetts new england
Local SEO Company Serving New England MA RI NH VT CT RI

Step #4 Amped Digital Marketing & SEO

Next up is a barrage of Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing structure & processes based on your needs.

Google Compliant Structure / SEO-Charged Services-Based Structure / Growable

Google has hundreds of “rank factors” that affect where all your web assets (Website, Social Media Profiles, NAPs, Google My Business Listing etc.) rank on search results and if they rank at all or if they’ll languish in a sandbox (a.k.a. de-indexed purgatory).

Competition Research / Intent-Based Keyword Research / Content Research

Various forms of SEO/Digital Marketing research are applied to give us much-needed insight to what is happening in your service area. Who is dominant? Why are they dominant? What do their platforms look like? Whatever recon we need to dominate because no one goes to war unprepared.

Intelligence-based, Powered SEO Juice

The level of SEO & DM juice that you need to win is usually different than the level another company might need to beat out their competition. Not having this strategic intelligence is like not wearing shoes in a snow storm. This local SEO agency can help.


Local SEO Company | SEO SERVICES NEAR ME | MA RI NH VT CT RI seo services near me

That's It. Just 4 Steps to Building a Sustainable "Lead Machine".


And this SEO company. Once we jointly determine your company's needs, your contract may or may not include all 4 steps & may or may not include other digital services such as:

  • Analytics Across All Digital Properties
  • EMail Lead Generation / List Building
  • Google Compliant Link-building
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing / Blog
  • Monthly Digital Property Reporting & Mgt.
  • Paid Search Marketing
  • Video Content Marketing

local seo services Mutant Gene Media a digital marketing agency in massachusetts new england

Client Spotlight


Mutant Gene Media SEO and Digital Marketing Client Spotlight

New Branding

  • Highly detailed new logo
  • New branding + color scheme
  • Highlight Newport + Experience
  • Showcase Tours
  • And more..
mutant gene media client spotlight seo and digital marketing

WordPress Website

  • Site Migrated to WordPress & Revamped
  • Site completely redesigned UX
  • Added Security, Redundancy, Features
  • Added Reservation System for Tours
  • And more..
local seo agency Mutant Gene Media New England Massachusetts RI CT MA Maine New Hampshire SEO & Digital Marketing


  • Increased the number of local partnerships
  • Greater visibility in search for other tour terms
  • Natural link-building at it’s best this way.
  • Obtained syndicated news links through partnerships
  • And more..
seo services near me Newport Rhode Island Customer Experience Spotlight SEO & Digital Marketing New England Mutant Gene media

Facebook Ads

  • Contest-based Ads
  • Invested $300+ Earned $2K+ per campaign.
  • Generated significant buzz, shares, likes
  • Generated strong revenue and engagement